Mercedes-Benz C Class engined Newest Hybrid

234_p1_s_10The German manufacturer confirms, that the displacement of conventional engines to hybrid technology in its products is to support the global warming discourse. All types of Class C both petrol and diesel engines will be applied hybrid system (batery) when it was launched in 2013.

According to Autocar magazine, the current Mercedes-Benz C Class is considering building with a three-cylinder engine wear, even protypenya already in the initial testing phase. This happens, because the competitors will also implement a nearby BMW 3-cylinder engine in the sedan type their lowest.

Not only that Mercedes-Benz, introducing new cylinder deactivation technology for four-cylinder engine. Its functions work automatically adjusts the engine, so if the car is running slowly working only 2 cylinders just yet conversely when the engine requires more power to operate all cylinders.

Later, Class C will have engine, transmission, wheel bearings are designed to reduce friction and re-pressing the fuel consumption, as a result the overall weight is reduced 10 percent lighter.