Mercy Tricks For Cars Not coveted Thief

mercyRate of motor vehicle theft (Ranmor) in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta is increasing. Just imagine the thief only took 5 minutes to steal 1 unti vehicle.

That way someone vigilance car owners to be extra careful. The use of a sophisticated alarm and double lock should continue.

Responding to the incident, PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI) is not so worried because the cars are sold in Indonesia Mercy has a maximum level of security.

As said by MBI Yahya Product Manager, if the feature does not exist specifically for burglar and so forth, but the key advantage that Mercedes cars are specially designed so that is not easy to fake.

“The special feature does not exist but the keys in our car (Mercy) it is to lead. Specially designed key and not easily imitated,” Yahya said while talking to detikOto some time ago.

Yahya explained, if users Mercedes car key is lost then it can not be just any menduplikatnya in any place. The owner of the car had come to MBI to be made other key.

In case the request is also not easy to duplicate keys, the owner must complete a variety of questions that are available in the form MBI provide.

“A lot of questions there, so not just any can, if declared to be worth then people can get the key back up again, he said.

In the future, there will probably be further Yahya are more specific features of the burglar. But for now the key design is quite helpful in keeping the vehicle owner free his car from thieves.