Mini Paceman for Unique Consumer

3222_p1_s_1Mini Indonesia has just launched a new model called the Paceman in Indonesia at the dealership Maxindo – Mini Pondok Indah. This two-door car comes with an elegant shape and attractive. Then what kind of consumers targeted by the Paceman Mini for this?

“With our Mini Paceman is targeting consumers who have a unique character, do not follow trends, relax, and think the car was a friend,” said Jentri W. Izhar, as Head of Mini Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Paceman selling price is $ 700,000 off the road in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Then when asked how the Mini Paceman sales target this year, Helena Abidin as Corporate Communications said, “For the Mini Paceman own targets we do not set a target.”

Helena adds that the Mini Paceman own unit for the current status of ready stock. So, if you are interested in buying a new car does not need to pivot or wait months again. Even more interestingly, the consumer can do customize as they wish.