Mission Hospital, The World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle

indexEnvironmentally friendly automotive trend was already a requirement. Fossil fuel prices are always rising and emissions that damage the environment a consideration of many consumers. Wide green car manufacturer Nissan LEAF or Tesla special green cars, has now started a lot of fans.

So also in the motorcycle class. Although not faster four wheels in the universe, but also started many motorcycles motorcycles fired electric
But, consumers care about the environment do not just want to ride the electric energy. Aspects of style and speed has also been a consideration in the electric motorcycle class.

Manufacturers from San Francisco aware of this. Mission Motors, assembling motorcycles fueled electricity. This bike is not just stylish, but also powerful. With a battery capacity of 160 horsepower, this bike can go up to speeds of 100 km in a time of 3.07 seconds. If lauched until pol, speed can reach the cusp of 240 km per hour.

With a battery capacity of 17 kWh LithiumIon type, if this motor can be fully charged for the roads to a distance of 360 km. Also recharge it soon took roughly two hours to get full. All data is displayed in the speed of the motor 7-inch diagonal screen dashboard.

According to the President of Mission Motors, Mark Seeger this bike will be sold starting this summer, around September. The price, including taxes, to reach U.S. $ 60 thousand.