Modification Honda Jazz Concept Batik

3174_p1_s_2We still have “by – by” make you amazing contest modification AcceleraAuto Contest Surabaya’s first series ended on Sunday.And this time the base car is overhauled, the Honda Jazz production in 2011. Promoted the concept was unique, the combination of color and black motif on the body.

The hatchback car owner, Kevin, said that the concept of modification is a street racing make over that blends between the West and Indonesia on the exterior.┬áModification through the use of typical Western showed body kit, 17-inch rims, tires Achilles, and Mugen spoiler concoction. As for the ‘taste’ of Indonesia is shown through the car color with batik motifs. He said that the motive was the result of his own creation and takes 4 days to process.

Blend between the West and Indonesia also still feels so we entered the cabin of the car. The whole car seat, ceiling, door trim, floor mat until coated by batik cloth. Kevin said, “I bought the fabric along 16 meters in Atum market for car interior lining.”

As for the modification a la the West on its inside look at the

the use of carbon fiber on the door trim, dashboard and ceiling. For Kevin rely Rockford audio system and speakers to generate sound using Focal better.

Beneath the hood, Kevin added a ground wire to help channel currents and voltages so that electrical equipment is more optimal performance. It is also used in order to force the filter open distributed more ‘smoothly’, and called for increasing XCS power fuel-efficient cars.

So how long and money should be spent to modify the Jazz ‘Batik’ this? Kevin is still studying management economics majors this answer requires 5 months and spent $ 20,000 to remodel the car.