Must be Made More Moge exhaust Silent

mogeExhaust big motor making loud noise that is typical. If entering the lane, his voice sometimes deafening.

Because the Indonesian Motor Association Chairman Nanan Sukarna want good motorcycle exhaust sound small or big motor bike (big) smoother or more polite in order to equally respect other road users, especially if it makes a small alley.

It was revealed on the sidelines Nanan Bogor Bike Week held in Bogor Nirwana Residence (BNR) Bogor, West Java, in front of the Harley Davidson bikers and a few other bikers moge.

I want that motor sounds smoother especially when his voice through a small alley should slowly so appreciative fellow road users,” said Nanan, who also serves as Chairman of the HarleyDavidson Club Indonesia.

How about the sound of a Harley Davidson, known as voice gahar and toned?

I also wants small Harley exhaust sound. Anyone who can make the technology, let his voice be courteous when passing an alley, Nanan joked, smiling at the bikers.