New Features In Ford Focus, The Steady Handling

447_p1_s_1Controlling torque control is a part of the vehicle stability system Focus, and Ford says the system increases the optimal control of the car. “The new Focus is the first Ford production vehicles in North America are equipped with torque vectoring control system,” said Rick Bolt, program manager Ford Focus. “technological features are also applied to the premium sport sedan, but in Ford’s technology was used as standard on the new Focus.” he added.

Its mechanism of action, the system will perform light braking if the car loses traction while cornering sharply. Thus, prevent slippage because of the fact that the wheels will be slightly off the mark, while the same number of rotations as the outside wheel.

This system is similar to the system of limited slip differential (LSD), with no brake pad wear, and maintenance sitem cheaper than using mechanical differential, in addition to further ensure the safety for the driver. “Devices that increase the ability of the dynamic all Focus models, ranging from the type of series S to Titanium Sport Package hatchback,” said Bolt.