New Mazda 6 Comes with Skyactiv

3184_p1_s_5The third-generation Mazda 6 was recently launched in Indonesia on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 last. Cars entering the middle class segment is getting a total overhaul, both in terms of exterior design, interior, engine, until the technology is carried.

Talking about technology embedded into the ‘body’ four-door sedan, the Mazda Skyactiv favor. This is a ‘package’ of technology related to safety and engine management system that can reduce fuel consumption figures without sacrificing Performance car. What technology is pinned by Mazda engineers to the latest generation of this? We consider the following brief review.

Overall, the application of SKYACTIV technologies make the latest generation of fuel consumption in the Mazda6 is 20% more fuel efficient than penduhulunya.

Comes with Skyactiv Mazda 6.

This system is also called Idling Stop System that will shut off the engine when the car stops, for example at traffic light. Engine will die when Electric Double-Layer Capacitor (EDLC) is fully charged, so that all components can be related to the electrical active when the engine died. The machine will return to live with safety and comfort a priority. So, when the cabin temperature begins to rise and require air conditioning, the machine will turn on automatically.

When the driver wants to accelerate the car back, the machine will be alive when the gas pedal. The time was fast enough for the system to position the piston in such a way as to be ready for the next firing. i-Stop also monitor engine temperature, cabin temperature, and driver input to the brake pedal, gear lever and steering wheel.

This system is claimed to contribute 5% fuel consumption savings compared to previous versions.

This is a regenerative braking system which was developed by Mazda. The system utilizes the energy wasted during braking deselarasi or ongoing. 120 farad EDLC power will save some energy and allow it to be extracted efficiently. The energy produced by the EDLC will be channeled to the Mazda 6 electrical components, such as headlights, air conditioning control systems, audio systems, and engine electrical system.

The system is also claimed to contribute 5% fuel consumption savings compared to previous versions.

In developing the latest generation Mazda 6 was also not forget the element of security. Therefore, the Japanese car manufacturer is pinning i-ACTIVSENSE system consisting of several safety systems, such as the Smart City Brake Support that will help the driver to brake while it is running with a speed of 4-30 km / hour. Then there’s Rear Vehicle Monitoring will monitor the vehicles behind a car with a distance of 50 meters which is on the right and left. This helps the driver when to change lanes.

There was also a Lane Departure Warning System that will alert the driver if the car starts running off course it should. This system will not be active if the driver change lanes with turn signal lights. Then there is the High Beam Control System which assists the driver when driving at night. And the last is the Adaptive Front-Lighting System which assists the driver when crossing in the corner when the evening. So, go turn the lights according to the rotation speed of the wheel and the car.