New Toyota Vios Ready Incarnate Being Taxi

Aggressive design and modern look at the All New Toyota Vios recently introduced in Jakarta, not least those who question the wisdom of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM), is the third generation of their mini sedan will still be used as a taxi fleet .

3277_p1_s_2“Yes, we will be using the All New Vios as the basis for the development of Toyota Limo taxi, but there will be no adjustment was still different and, given this new generation is equipped with features – features classy and the price is higher if the company used a fleet of taxis,” said Johnny Darmawan, President Director of PT. TAM on the sidelines of the launch of the Toyota Vios at Djakarta Theater.

Johnny added that, although the latest Limo will use the same platform with the new Vios, exterior taxi fleet will be little change in the grille and rims are used. Cabin parts were also modified according to the needs of the taxi, like power windows and replaced the absence of conventional crank.

Until now there are 3 taxi operators who wish to operate the latest Limo. Unfortunately, Johnny could not name the third company the taxi operator. “Obviously everything is a big taxi operators,” added the man with the mustache is friendly.

He also revealed the reason why Toyota Limo is so enthused by the taxi operator in Indonesia, “Many companies are interested in the operator cab Limo as comfortable, not fussy, efficient, and roomy interior.