Opel Lead Electric Car Market

846_p1_s_1Car manufacturers under the auspices of General Motors, Opel revealed his desire to become a market leader in the segment of electric cars. The phrase is stated Alain Visser, head of sales and marketing Opel told Automotive News.

Automotive manufacturer based in Ruesselsheim, Germany program has prepared Opel Ampera as the first electric car that will be marketed. Ampera is the sibling of the Chevrolet Volt. Ampera gasoline engine equipped with a small capacity combined with the use of an electric motor.

“Ampera will improve the image of Opel that for three years successfully leading the competition in the electric car. We also aim to sell the Ampera as many as 10,000 units next year,” said Visser.

Visser also added that Opel is doing making two vehicles, the production version of the RAK-e and a minicar.

RAK-e which debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September, will be built by a subsidiary of KTM, Kiska in Salzburg, Austria. RAK-e is expected to be released to the market in early 2013, with a price range of € 10,000 – € 12,000.

As for the version of the car mini, Visser said the possibility minicar will be a brother of Chevrolet Spark electric version is scheduled to appear in 2013. Through three car electric, the Opel sure to remain the market leader in electric cars in Europe and can compete with Renault-Nissan.