Must be Made More Moge exhaust Silent

mogeExhaust big motor making loud noise that is typical. If entering the lane, his voice sometimes deafening.

Because the Indonesian Motor Association Chairman Nanan Sukarna want good motorcycle exhaust sound small or big motor bike (big) smoother or more polite in order to equally respect other road users, especially if it makes a small alley.

It was revealed on the sidelines Nanan Bogor Bike Week held in Bogor Nirwana Residence (BNR) Bogor, West Java, in front of the Harley Davidson bikers and a few other bikers moge.

I want that motor sounds smoother especially when his voice through a small alley should slowly so appreciative fellow road users,” said Nanan, who also serves as Chairman of the HarleyDavidson Club Indonesia.

How about the sound of a Harley Davidson, known as voice gahar and toned?

I also wants small Harley exhaust sound. Anyone who can make the technology, let his voice be courteous when passing an alley, Nanan joked, smiling at the bikers.

March New Models Marketed in Indonesia This Year?

208490_nissan-march-facelift_663_382Market competition in the global city car doing a refresher on making Nissan March (Mirca). Exterior and interior design not escape from some revision.

March exterior facelift headlamp design have used a little taper, as well as for the fog lamp. They seem to want to leave the impression of rounded light on older models.

Also altered grille design, larger size with the Nissan logo in the middle of the fenced lis shaped V. While the rear bumper and LED lights have been applying. Plus new wheel designs like flowers.

Turning to the interior, a new twist occurs NissanConnect application infotainment system monitor touch screen measuring 5.8 inches. Then electric windows, CD player, central locking with remote, power steering, ABS, ESP, airbags up.

No change unfortunately spread to the kitchen runway, they still rely on 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine and a supercharged DIGS, which is combined with five-speed manual transmission or a CVT (automatic).

Enter Indonesia

March facelift is cool for Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) to be able to penetrate in the city car market. Known, starting March market share is threatened by the presence of new models such as the Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda Brio, Toyota Etios and Valco.

Interestingly, March which will be sold in the country not only had a refresher design. However, the choice of the new 1.5-liter engine. NMI is still tight-lipped about the news, but they said it would give kejuatan in March this year.

Car Want More Silent? Put Damper It

peredamHaving a car with a quiet cabin can add to your driving comfort. But how to make the car much more silent?

Do not worry now there are accessories to make your favorite car to be more silent. Alif Auto accessories shop located in Mega Glodok Kemayoran (MGK) 5th floor absorbers provide car accessories.

“There’s a new one for ya car silencer to be more silent and comfortable. Accessories being searched many car users,” said the owner Alif Auto, Desi detikOto when met at his shop.

By Desi, this cancellation functions for over drown out the noise from outside and more make for pengandara comfort.

Usually installation in the floor of the car, the car doors and the bonnet as well as the material is made of materials such as asphalt.

Then how much price for this silencer? “Price a piece $ 9 and it is for size 50 cm x 76 cm and it already includes installation services,” said Desi.

BMW i3 Patents Leaked!

i3BMW’s first electric car, the i3 will be manufactured. And before the production is done, the German automobile patent has been leaked!

Production version of the BMW i3 is already several times caught on camera while being tested. However, the leaked patent citycar this validates the future BMW i3 when born later.

The car was first present in the concept version at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 appear to be different than the concept version. Glass door panel is not there with the front door rather than the back of the shift to the concept version.

Bumper, front and rear lights and glass also will be low.

This model is scheduled to be sold as an electric car powered by an electric motor around 170 bhp (127 kW) and torque of 249 Nm (184 lb-ft) that should be able to provide distance cruising between 130-160 km.

There is also news saying that this car will also be strengthened 0.65-liter engine is a two cylinder motorcycle engine as a generator. With the addition, the car can roam up to 220 km.

For the price, in Europe the car is expected to be released starting price of 40,800 euros.

New Honda Jazz Display Revealed!

New Honda Jazz Display RevealedHas been reported by some media overseas automotive news, sightings indicate that the picture changes to cool Honda city car is getting correct.

Not one that is impossible if a vehicle manufacturer unveiled the new models again despite previous model recently introduced and sold. Known from Kodansha and indianautoblog reports, the latest figure of Honda Jazz is more can be said to look bigger than most previous variants.

The most major change that is visible on the fascianya. Where the grille and headlamp looks more sporty and aggressive. It seems racing-style look is already prepared Honda Jazz to package this new body.

Dimensions seemingly more Bongsor will provide extra comfort of the cabin, more spacious and comfortable as possible that will be highlighted in addition to zoom. Some sources also mention this dimension accretion rate, body 60mm longer and 80mm wheelbase than the latest variants previously.

For its own power source no more clarity, will use the old machine (the latest) or will carry the latest machinery. So, just wait for further news.

Nissan Evalia Considered Less Safe When Accidents

Recently testing institute Euro NCAP vehicle safety re-announce list of vehicles that have it tested. Quite surprising with values ​​that are considered less by Euro NCAP comes from one of several cars including the Nissan Evalia.

MPV with little boxy shape is already the best-selling Japanese Indonesian market. And even in some European countries and the United Nissan Evalia or NV200 is known as a fleet of taxis.

Families who rely on cars 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that is considered able to provide in terms of fuel efficiency. But some car bottom type is less attention in terms of standard safety systems such as airbags and ABS brakes.

The result for the current crash test Euro NCAP safety only give 3 stars only, or in other words less safe. Values ​​for adult passenger protection against only 68 per cent. Protection against child passengers 81 percent, 67 percent for pedestrian and Safety Assist (safety support device) only 55 per cent.

If Nissan Evalia want to get a 5 star value if only start thinking about safety support systems. If Toyota Avanza and Xenia been pinned standard airbags, at least the same steps followed by the Nissan manufacturer.

Tips on How to Modify an Old Motorcycle

BMW R25Have an old motorcycle is pride in itself for some people. Especially if the old bike is modified in such a way as to not lose the bike today. Modifying an old motorcycle is not as easy to modify the motor now, because spareparts is not easily obtained. Need foresight and prudence in the process.

Indeed, modifying the old bike was tricky. However, there are some tips that you can try in order to produce the maximum modif, namely:

1. Choose between rebuilds as the original or modified total (custom). rebuild as the original require longer time due to the limited availability of spare parts (hard to find).
2. If you choose custom, vintage style is strongly recommended that keep the classic aura radiated.
3. Do not change the concept of the old motor, such as Honda CB100 dimodif streetfighter. The result would be weird.
4. Adjust the dimensions of the machine body so that it looks “full” when seen.
5. Enter the modern elements such as wearing two-color paint, use LED lights, etc.

Mercy Tricks For Cars Not coveted Thief

mercyRate of motor vehicle theft (Ranmor) in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta is increasing. Just imagine the thief only took 5 minutes to steal 1 unti vehicle.

That way someone vigilance car owners to be extra careful. The use of a sophisticated alarm and double lock should continue.

Responding to the incident, PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia (MBI) is not so worried because the cars are sold in Indonesia Mercy has a maximum level of security.

As said by MBI Yahya Product Manager, if the feature does not exist specifically for burglar and so forth, but the key advantage that Mercedes cars are specially designed so that is not easy to fake.

“The special feature does not exist but the keys in our car (Mercy) it is to lead. Specially designed key and not easily imitated,” Yahya said while talking to detikOto some time ago.

Yahya explained, if users Mercedes car key is lost then it can not be just any menduplikatnya in any place. The owner of the car had come to MBI to be made other key.

In case the request is also not easy to duplicate keys, the owner must complete a variety of questions that are available in the form MBI provide.

“A lot of questions there, so not just any can, if declared to be worth then people can get the key back up again, he said.

In the future, there will probably be further Yahya are more specific features of the burglar. But for now the key design is quite helpful in keeping the vehicle owner free his car from thieves.

Toyota Corolla Furia Concept Reveal at NAIAS 2013

Toyota Corolla Furia Concept Reveal at NAIAS 2013Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, has several times flirting with a video of the latest variant of Corolla cars. And at the NAIAS or the Detroit Auto Show is also this 2013 Toyota Corolla Furia Concept officially revealed.

As the family Toyota Corolla is still in the form of this concept car predicted as the successor to the Corolla Altis is currently available. With the presence of this Toyota Corolla Furia Concept least we can learn new styling designs were applied to the latest generation of this type of sedan.

“We present the Toyota Corolla compact sedan Furia Concept As this could be an indication if only Toyota could lead the initial step in the future of car design. Where incorporates dramatic design with modern elements and advanced technology,” said Bill Fay, as vice president and general manager of the Toyota Division.

The concept sedan features a very futuristic at the fascia. In antarannya larger air intake, headlights with LED technology are very slim. Sporty impression is also presented of the use of 19 inch alloy wheels. And on the back also adopt LED lights and dual exhaust bumper sporty concept.

In terms of body dimensions Corolla Furia Concept has a length of 4.620mm, 1.805mm width, height 1.425mm and 2.700mm wheelbase length. In addition to the Corolla Furia Concept will be much better to use carbon fiber trim on the exterior to the interior.