Suzuki Ertiga Matic Tested to Bogor

3252_p1_s_3PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales invites the media to experience the latest automatic transmission excellence embedded in Suzuki Ertiga.

A total of 18 units of Suzuki Ertiga automatic transmission PT SIS prepared in the course of this time. The Suzuki Indonesia alone this time to invite the media to be able to feel the Bogor city sights in the rainy city.

Suzuki Ertiga is a family car that is suitable for a walk with your baby. Therefore we invite the media to feel the comfort of the latest automatic transmission while the road menikamati Ertiga Bogor and diverse attractions.

Suzuki Ertiga brings automatic transmission variant to meet the needs of Indonesian families, especially in the big cities that have a lot of congestion.

Well, look forward to further reports from the media test drive event Ertiga Suzuki automatic transmission.

1st Quarter of 2013, The Audi Profit Down1.410 Billion Euros

Lately the economic conditions in Continental Europe increasingly erratic. But this does not make one of the German car manufacturer, Audi, come fall in terms of Performance. Precisely Performance Audi exhibit is quite encouraging. It is shown in the financial statements for the first quarter that was recently announced.3253_p1_s_3

Based on the financial report for January to March 2013, Audi managed to sell the car as much as 369 494 units. When compared with the same period in 2012, sales increased by 6.8%. Area which accounts for the highest sales in Europe, Asia, and North America. While the models are loved by consumers is the New Audi A3, A1 Sportback, A4, Q3, and Q5.

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Introduce the newest Lamborghini Concept Car, Egoista

3293_p1_s_1At the Geneva Motor Show 2013 last March, Lamborghini introduced the exclusive variant Veneno. This super car attracted the attention of visitors because of the eccentric exterior design. But it seems that was not enough because of the recent Italian car manufacturer introduced a new concept car called Egoista.

This latest concept car introductions took place at the peak of the celebration of the anniversary of Lamborghini’s 50th year. Egoista Lamborghini supercar was made for selfish owners. According to Walter De Silva, as the Head of Volkswagen Group Design, “This car was made just for one person, which allows the driver to have fun and express his personality. Automobiles are designed for hyper-sophisticated people who just want an item (car) which the most extreme and special in the world. ”

For the exterior, the design Egoista Concept looks weird and not everyone’s tastes. Even when compared with Veneno, this car has a more eccentric designs again. Clear lines dominate a unique concept car body. At the front is divided into three parts, namely the two sections on the right and left side of the car equipped with headlights is small, and the center contained honeycomb patterned grille.

For in and out of the cabin, you have to let go of the steering wheel that has a futuristic design and put it on the dash. Sporty aura of a racing car is felt when sitting in the cockpit of the car. With the dominance of the color orange, this car is also equipped with a head-up display like a jet plane.

To move mobi, Egoista rely kitchen runway capacity of 5200 cc V10 capable of spraying power of 600 hp.

But Buy Used Car Collision

Beli Mobil Tapi Bekas TabrakanWhen you buy a used car, do not be easily tempted to look smooth body just because it could be the car was a used-car collision. How do I detect a collision or a used car instead?

Spooring car repair shop and balancing has advanced equipment to detect it. To find out if a used car is a collision or not that needs to be checked is the alignment of the chassis (chassis alignment) on the car. What is the chassis? , Is the main frame chassis where all components attached to the car.

Detector chassis cars owned by Nawilis Beissbarth Easy 3D is imported directly from Germany, this tool is not like the usual 3D spooring tool, tool car chassis Beissbarth could detect at once spooring. So there are two performance in one device.

Beissbarth Easy 3D car repair shop owned by Nawilis can detect the chassis. So when there is a used car salesman to be lying, the incident did not happen to you. According to information obtained Beissbarth automotive 3D Easy to read front wheel set back, side (lateral) offset, rear wheel set back, offset axle track width and wheel base difference difference. This checking does not take a long time just 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Radiator maintenance is Periodically

Radiator maintenance is Periodically


There are some things that most often lead to leaks in the radiator. Namely: corrosion (rust), collision (either due to collision or due to hit the radiator fan switch). Especially for the fiber material, other causes are heat and pressure of the water radiator. As a result of these causes, may be formed cavities or cracks in plates (fiber) radiator where the water seeping out. Due to leaking radiator, the cooling system is not working properly. As a result, engine temperature was not controlled and there was overheating when the engine continues to be forced to work without cooling. We certainly have memorized when the engine overheating. Because of the heat that exceeds the tolerance, the machine might not sound normal, less powerful, wasteful of fuel, even broke down while driving on the road. Too bad, right? Before experiencing such problems, anticipate the occurrence of leaks in the radiator. Prevention can be done by treating the cooling system. For this, there are some tips that we recommend: 1. Perform routine checks on the water radiator reserve tank. If the water level in the reserve tank is under the MIN line, add immediately. If it is visibly dirty and looks cloudy, drain the water and replace it with a new radiator. 2. Use special radiator fluid when filling the radiator (coolant). In addition to helping the process of cooling, the liquid inside is also a substance that can reduce the corrosion of the radiator and engine. Corrosion and dirt on the cooling water is not very good because it can interfere with the cooling process. We recommend using water glycol coolant manifold ethlylene high quality. 3. Clean the radiator grille with spray water on the radiator fins. 4. Check for leaks both hoses and radiator. Hose leaks can be monitored manually by looking at the presence or absence of droplets. But, to check for leaks in the radiator must use a special tool (sst or special service tools). Motorcycle radiator you will be checked with this tool when it comes to the workshops. 5. Condition of the radiator and cooling system performance will be maintained if you routinely perform periodic servicing.

New fleet Transcab Still Delivers Free Cable TV

3213_p1_s_2In order to rejuvenate the entire existing fleet, PT. Transport Nusantara Indonesia (PT TNI) or better known as Transcab taxi cars to replace existing. Car fleet is being replaced Kia Rio SF that has been used since the taxi operators operating in early January 2008.

Taxi fleet replacement is done because the age of the car entering the Rio SF five years. The four-door sedan was replaced by the Kia Cerato. Transcab select Kia Cerato reason according to the CEO of PT. TNI, Teddy R Effendi at Press Conference Transcab in Cilandak Town Square, “the more exclusive exterior design with larger dimensions than the other regular taxis. Additionally Cerato also has a wheelbase that is more thread length and a wider wheel so that the car becomes more spacious cabin. ”

Another plus is that owned by the Cerato is the engine capacity of 1,591 cc DOHC CVVT powerful and fuel-efficient, and the presence of power steering and tilt steering are able to add comfort while driving. As for the transmission itself is using a compact sedan with a 6-speed manual.

The facilities provided by Transcab for new cars is still the same as the previous generation. It means that taxi passengers can still enjoy free cable TV broadcasting facility which is the first and only one in Indonesia. So, Transcab taxi passengers can watch local and foreign TV without additional charge. Other facilities are already equipped with a meter that receipt printer engine.

Teddy also said that this year will be done rejuvenation with as many as 100 units of Kia Cerato. But at first the new Cerato is available 50 units. At the press conference was also held the delivery unit to the driver and the Kia Cerato Kia Rio SF unit delivery to drivers and proprietary driver.

AstraWorld Opens Branch Office in Lampung

3175_p1_s_1To serve and provide added value to consumers as well as expand its reach, PT. Astra International Tbk open a new branch or Regional Office (RO) in the region of Bandar Lampung.

According to Novie Marlika as the Regional Management Office Head AstraWorld, “AstraWorld presence in Sydney aims to support the sales operations of PT. Astra International Tbk in providing the best service to customers, by providing added value through services that support the lifestyle of driving.”

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Toyota New Corolla Release Teaser

3318_p1_s_1At the Detroit Motor Show 2013 ago, Toyota introduced a new concept car named Furia. The car with the color orange is said to be the basis in the development of the latest generation Corolla that will soon be introduced this year.

Recently through Facebook official account of Toyota USA (United States), the Japanese car manufacturer announced it will hold a special event in California on June 6, 2013. At the event will introduce the latest generation Toyota Corolla.

Along with the announcement on social media sites, Toyota also released a teaser photo of the first Corolla. The photo shows the position of the rear lights with brake lights and turn signal lights below and above the reverse light. Caption on the photo reads: ‘Prepare to meet the NEW 2014 Corolla. Get excited for June 6, really excited …