Peel the R & D Facilities First in Indonesia

3197_p1_s_2PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM PT) struck with the opening of R & D facilities Daihatsu in Indonesia on Monday, April 22, 2013 in East Karawang, West Java. This makes the Daihatsu as a car manufacturer in Indonesia who set up the first such facility in the country.

With the R & D facility enables PT. ADM to develop the concept car or a production ready car. This facility consists of R & D Building Styling, Design Experiment Building, and Track Course along 1 km.

So what is the mission and functions of the R & D Daihatsu’s own? Here are excerpts of an exclusive interview with the crew CarMall Pradipto Sugondo, as Executive Officer, Research & Development Division of PT. ADM.

CarMall (CM): What is the mission of the construction of R & D Daihatsu in Indonesia?

Pradipto Sugondo (PS): Daihatsu commitment to serve the Indonesian market seriously. Because each market is unique, then the ADM Daihatsu wants to serve the market by providing the right products to Indonesia. With the local people in the R & D, it will better understand the needs of the Indonesian market.

CM: How long does it take to develop a concept and prototype cars?

PS: The first thing to do is study the market to know what is desired by the market. Then do the development, sketches, 1:4 scale model, scale 1:1, created engineering drawings. It takes 13 months or more for development only. While it took extra time to prototype 3 to 4 months. Car development process is not performed serially, but sometimes overlapping. It’s called engineering simultaneously.

CM: What is the scope of R & D work Daihatsu Indonesia?

PS: After drawing sketches so, then part of engineers make parts of each image takes about 1 year. Once the verification is done, if there are parts that are lacking in terms of quality-made, it will be returned to the engineer. Once the parts have passed the verification test will be submitted to the preparations for the production of molds made of each piece. It takes 18 months. Total development until the car so roughly 36 months.

CM: What is the correlation between research and development?

PS: Research is to understand the context of the market, what the market wants. It can run as much as 2 to 3 times. Research time is approximately 1 week or 2 weeks depending on the case itself can be a form of research questionnaires, questionnaire, or FGD (Focus Group Discussion). Until now, only doing research on what the market today. But maybe in the future it could also do research on the quality of material that should be used. While development is the process of making the design, prototyping, engineering, and ready for production

CM: How many people are there in the R & D team at the moment?

PS: 120 people. But it would be plus 10 people for this year.

CM: Is R & D also test the detailed design and materials used?

PS: Designers and engineers also communicate the material to be used on a car. And in the end the car finished and ready for production.