Premium Expensive, People Switch to Diesel Car?

144328_spbu2The government will raise the price of premium fuel. There is a difference between the two types of fuel. By looking at a cheaper price, whether car owners switch to using diesel cars?

Responding to these conditions, automotive analysts said Suhari Sargo not as easy as people think.

“Not going to happen. Market segmentation (between petrol and diesel cars) do not change,” sure Suhari.

According to him, the government plans to continue to raise fuel prices in the oil market does not make the people of Indonesia Indonesia then switch to diesel cars (diesel).

Because the volume of diesel cars is still quite small, and not available on all models of cars such as sedan, hatchback and city car. Widely used diesel car by car type SUV.

“One of the examples. Diesel cars nowadays many SUV type vehicle right. And not all people want to SUV. Anyway diesel SUV that is widely used in enterprises, in plantations,” he said.

Suhari explain the policy could be ascertained only will lower sales of both types of cars, but it was only a temporary effect.

“Market segmentation has not changed. Volume alone, each will fall because of rising fuel prices and the weakening economy,” he said.