Problems That Often Occur On Power Steering

downloadOutput of new cars are usually equipped with power steering so steering Electric be light. But in the old cars are usually still wear that uses hydraulic power steering fluid is pumped to put pressure on the steering wheel. Pump driven by the engine through V-belt.
The problem that usually occurs in the power steering is hydraulic leak caused by wear of the seal on the steering wheel. So inevitably the car owner should add a power steering oil at all times.

There are several things that cause this happen, including:

1. Age component.
On components of more than 5 years of age or mileage already reach 100,000 + miles, a problem that usually arises is a leak. And when the steering wheel when the engine is rotated enyala, there will be a buzzing sound. To overcome these problems for a while, can add power steering oil.

For more, replace the leaking seal, As spring clean the steering wheel.

2. Steer rack boot was torn.
it can happen as it passes through the damaged roads. In addition, because these components are made of rubber, easy to wear and will be damaged / broken. Do not let that happen because it will cause water and dirt entry As the steering wheel so that will rust.

3. One of filling fluid.

Some people think the same as the power steering fluid to the brake and clutch fluid. Though the two fluids of different ways of working and functions.

4. Improper use.
It usually occurs in the car used for racing, slalom and drifting or frequent extreme maneuver at high speed. As a result, the pressure of fluid in the power steering circuit becomes very high and hot. More often treated as such, will be damaged and leaking hose.