Proton Preve Challenge Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis

prevePremium sedan market can indeed be said to be less popular in Indonesia. However, after completing the variants, the Malaysian manufacturer Proton Preve also presents in Indonesia.

Proton even expressed readiness to disrupt the pace of the pace of the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla Altis is already so well established in the country.

Proton Actually it’s a global business, one of which is the global production Preve and then we enter the Indonesian market to add to our line up, so that it becomes complete. Wirana Proton has added a lower-class sedan variants. Because Preve will complete it.

“We already have the lower segment, it was the Proton Persona. But now that it is widely used to be a taxi, and equip Proton line up dicelah market. Additionally cake might be in Indonesia is small (for a premium sedan) and in other countries can just great, “he said.

Further confidence in Proton would receive a car worth USD 285 million in the premium sedan segment is not without reason.

“We have no grandiose targets, we only target up to 200 units in 2013. As said, Proton is not a cheap car but a vehicle that promotes value for money, we have to offer with features and technology should be able to compete with the best premium sedan segment of the market, “he said.