Public workshop on More Cheap 50% of Nissan’s Official Workshop

135536_yasminUser Otolovers old or new Nissan car and have no intention to bring to the workshop but not a formal workshop? Do not be confused, there is a special workshop at the Nissan Mega Glodok Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

Yes, Yasmin Motor name, this workshop is a workshop to work on cars Nissan both the old year or the new output.

The garage owner, Joko said that this workshop receive all complaints submitted by users Nissan car.

“How old or new Nissan car we could do it, said Joko.

In this workshop all Nissan cars that problem will be fixed manually or automatically because the workshop is also equipped with a scanning device that is not less formal workshop complete with Nissan.

We also sell original spare parts from Nissan so do not hesitate to quality issues, he added

In addition, this workshop also claims that its service is cheaper than authorized repair shop. But do not hesitate because some employees are alumni of the Nissan.

We won on merit alone. His services 50 percent cheaper than the Nissan authorized workshops. Kan for the consumer complained that the price of services in authorized workshops are very expensive,he said.

Joko said, here is also different from the formal workshop, spare part that can still be repaired it will be repaired without having to replace.

“Then here we can be repaired so long as we remember that we also fix but still maintaining the quality and safety are the most important,” due diligence.