Remote Alarm Suddenly Not Functioning? It causes

remoteYou’ve found your car suddenly will not be opened or locked with the remote, to the extent that had to wait several minutes to open or lock it?

First you must think of the remote’s batteries run out, but when you have to replace it, something like that happen again. I wonder what causes it?

Garage owner car alarm specialist in the area of ​​Central Jakarta, Sutaryono said it could happen because there is interference or radio frequency which leaked around you.

FM radio transmit power that leaked could have made the car remote does not function. But if the transmission power is reduced remote it will work again.

When asked, what if it happens and what to do by the driver or owner of the car?

Actually there is no special way just wait a few minutes, a maximum of 5 minutes had to be returned. If replacing the batteries also can not necessarily solve the problem.

Do not panic sebanrnya, if it hurriedly open the door or lid to the manual only. If you want to wait so just wait for 3 to 5 minutes and then push-push remote.