Renault Penalty Dropped Against Executive With Stalking Charges

143_p1_s_1The French automaker carry out “extraordinary meeting of the Governing Council”, and then announced that French prosecutors and inspectors on the French DCRI (Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence) found no evidence that the three executives, Michael Balthazard, Bertrand Rochette and Matthieu Tenenbaum has spy action as alleged Renault.

“Carlos Ghosn, Chief and Chief Executive Officer, and Patrick Pelata, Chief Operating Officer express apologies and regrets, personally and on behalf of Renault, to Messrs Balthazard, Rochette and Tenenbaum, who had one of the accused in the case. They perform compensation against the three executives, and their good name will be restored, “Renault said in a statement.

Renault also said that they would meet the three former executives “as soon as possible” in order to improve the situation, and convince the French car maker to perform the agreed compensation and recover
honor of the executives are also families as a result of alleged errors.