Renault Plans to Make Renaultsport As Brand Discrete

146_p1_s_14Model was originally expected to bring Renaultsport symbol, which is expected to be the new roadster is based on the concept of similarity Dezir without any style with Renault. Renault has decided to build a reputation for performance Renaultsport cars, compared revive classic name Alps.

Renault production manager Beatrice Foucher said, “We love naming Alpine, but you should be able to apply the values ​​of Alpine in the model, which means it has a car to suit Alpine DNA. Thing else it will destroy his name.”

Foucher added, “Renaultsport is key to Renault’s strategy. This is a perfect loyalty felt by the owners as their own name, and can we develop in the future. Example, we will continue working Mégane original version, because it is a big car and perfect for our. Yet we also need to take special models for Renaultsport. We have started working on it: we think the small size is a good business model is. ”

Further Foucher said Renaultsport could potentially support “two or three” other models of the brand’s general performance hatchback Renault. The first of these models is expected to be a roadster concept car that is based on Dazir, powered 2.0-liter petrol engine derived from Clio hatchback, capable of producing 198 bhp and 215 Nm of torque. Turbocharged diesel engine and even a electric variants also be another consideration for this Dezir roadster.

Movement to separate this brand is part of the Renault emphasized in expanding its reach into the area “convex” which offer huge profit margins, which partly inspired his fellow French carmaker Citroen, who enjoyed little success with its DS models are reaching the upper class market.