Safe Driving Training for Police

3264_p1_s_3Good driving training is not only intended for the general public, but also the police. It is being re-implemented by PT. Ford Motor Indonesia (PT FMI) as APM Ford in Indonesia in collaboration with the City Police held a training session Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) at the beginning of May 2013.

This activity is an exclusive training session which was attended by nearly 200 members of the police. Police officers are eager to increase their knowledge about the techniques and safe driving practices by participating in DSFL session, which took place at the Jakarta Police headquarters. DSFL session includes classroom training sessions that teach the theory, as well as driving sessions to practice what they have learned.

DSFL training is supported by the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIPF) and partnering with the Jakarta Defensive Driving Center (JDDC). Ford DSFL program is expected to help increase awareness of safe driving practices and has organized sessions with various groups and organizations free of charge.

Material from DSFL session includes tips for anticipating road conditions, driving techniques and how to avoid driving at high speed, as well as how to properly care for the vehicle to maintain the condition of optimal fuel economy, use of seat belts, avoiding interference when driving and keep a safe distance with another vehicle while driving.

Party City Police welcomed the DFSL this training. “We are very excited to be a part of the Ford DSFL program, where the program is in line with our mission to create a better driving environment for the community,” said Commissioner of Police Dr. Chrysnanda, Traffic Director, City Police. “In addition, this program is also very beneficial to our members, are also useful for them to pass on the knowledge and ability to drive safely to the community.”