SkyActiv technology In Mazda Cx-5

skyactiv-mazdaSkyactiv is also the latest technological development by the new Mazda is owned by a brand-new SUV, the CX5 which will soon be sold in Indonesia. This technology is not too different from the BMW, which is an integral development of all parts on the car to get the optimum efficiency.

Skyactiv engine found in gasoline and diesel engines. With the theme, Innovating the Emotion of Motion the engineers at Mazda has also developed all the components on the car so that the driver gets driving pleasure without wasting fuel.

The development started from a more rigid chassis that is more perfect handling. Additionally SkyActiv also managed to reduce the overall weight of the car to 100 kg, a significant number for a vehicle. This is exemplified by pengedalian CX5 which has a characteristic, like a sedan, SUV shaped though. Moreover, the development to reduce fuel consumption is also done on the transmission sector, whether it is manual or automatic. All this is aimed at giving the driver and passengers maximum driving experience but with minimal fuel usage. Will the application of machine technology is used in the Mazda2?