Start Replace Robot Man Role

fordScience fiction story in which the role of robots and computers replaced humans seem to have started to come true. Whereas in the past people whose job is to test resistance of a car, Ford has now started to switch using the service robot.

Engineers at Ford now have started to develop the first robot system to test their cars and Ford Transit was the first car tested by the resilience of the system before it is launched in 2014.

“Some of the tests that we do on our commercial trucks for North America is very heavy, which makes our limited time if done by humans,” said Ford vehicle development operations manager Dave Payne.

“The challenge is to complete testing to meet construction deadlines while maintaining vehicle tester (human) we feel comfortable,” he added.

With its role was replaced by a robot, Ford has now become more efficient. Therefore, many things can be done when the tester Ford car was being tested by the robot.

“We accelerate durability testing while increasing our productivity with memintahkan the tester (human) to other parts, such as the (testing) noise levels and testing of vehicle dynamics,” lugasnya.

Ford’s robotic technology is applied to control the vehicle steering, braking acceleration up to the human beings.

This system will follow all the orders that have been programmed but still watched because of the position of the vehicle continues to be monitored through cameras in the control room and car-mounted GPS has accuracy of plus or minus up to 1 inch.

So when the car is shifted 1 inch away from the path that has been programmed, the control room will know and be able to stop the vehicle.

The robotic system is very useful when the Ford vehicle testing in extreme environments. Testing on damaged roads, rocky road, muddy road to a large mound no longer torturing human tester.