Stay Calm Even When Dead Car

mobil-mati At the grave, in the middle of your journey is far from a car repair shop, car engine suddenly your pet dies, or has been overheated. The most powerful thing is to try to stay relaxed and concentrate on what you should do to anticipate.

Yups, at least that’s what I did while in the middle of a long journey of a sudden I had to realize that my car dies, especially if alone. Because it can not find an auto repair shop, so I decided to check my car alone. It was counted to be a mechanic impromptu as well.

But lucky for me, because this time if the car went to the garage, I always consult gather this information and the automotive wondering about car problems that may be experienced while precarious, and as I experience it.

For example, when you find the car died. Thing you should do is check whether the supply of gasoline in your car there? Or maybe you do not realize that gas is dry. It can be seen from the meter, but if it is inaccurate you can check it out directly to the tank car using dowel length to measure the depth of the gas, but must remember that clean well.

If the gas supply has been checked and is still, then try to check the carburetor. Or try to open the air filter. If the machine later on, then replace the air filter with a new one. Not only that, check for vacuum leaks too, which will probably occur in the fuel injection system, intake, or other channels.

Try to remain conscientious and concentration when your car problem occurs Stay Calm Even When Dead Cars, and never hesitate to consult a trusted mechanic at a car repair shop is willing to share his knowledge with you.