Successfully Selling Yamaha Motor 223 093 in May 2013

yamahaYamaha managed to release 223,093 units in the month of May 2013. Among the many motorcycles that sold it, 81 percent of which is a motor-system injection.

Among the many Yamaha motorcycles were sold, the X-Ride sold 8,523 units. Contribution of the X-Ride joined Yamaha matic increase in total sales in May, up 8,255 units compared to April this year.

Total matic alone sold 139 830 units. GT Soul biggest role so well boost sales matic motorcycle Yamaha favorite in May after terlego 39,508 units.

Matic-matic Other Yamaha also wash sweet sales. 35 005 units Mio, Mio GT 34 054 units, up 26 percent compared to April 2013 and Fino jumped 82 percent (from 2,811 units in April, so 5,127 units in May).

While in the segment duck, Jupiter Z1 dikomparasi increased its sales by 31 percent last April, so 9,893 units 7,556 units. Jupiter MX edged up 9 percent. Duck segment accounted for 39 674 units in May

In the sports category, Yamaha still unassailable lead with sales of 43 499 units. V-Ixion most sold 35 413 units, Byson 7,621 units (up only 110 units compared to April), and Scorpio is only sold 465 units.

For injection row, Yamaha in his official statement claiming that their injection motors contribute 81 percent or 180,009 units of the total sales of 223 093 units in the month of May 2013.

100 more units per day at the Jakarta Fair

From the Jakarta Fairground (PRJ), managed to sell 554 units of Yamaha counted from opening June 6 until June 10 (until 18:20 pm). This means that there are over 100 units sold on average per day in the five days.

Highest sales in the Sunday, June 9 as 195 units. The biggest contribution of the New V-Ixion (99 units) followed by RC Xeon, Mio GT, GT Muscle Soul and X-Ride.

Yamaha targets total sales of 7,000 units in PRJ this year, up 49 percent compared to last year.