Super car Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid Produced Limited

149_p1_s_1Hybrid 918 Spyder will be Porsche’s most expensive cars sold in 2013, with an estimated price of U.S. $ 845 000, and 918 only super-powered hybrid car that will be produced. Porsche has announced the production of the car will begin on 13 September 2013 at its plant in Zuffenhause, Germany, and begin shipping November 2013.

According to Porsche, “consumers who book early will be over early too, where production began at the time of booking the car received.” In addition, customers who order the 918 Spyder also have the right to buy a special edition 911 Turbo S, whose details will be announced later.

Based on the 918 Spyder concept car on display at the Geneva Motor Show 2010, the major changes occur in the manual roof system with roof panels can be changed and can be stored in the front luggage space separate. Another change looks of the pictures were released Porsche, including additional mirrors and side exhaust removal.

918 Spyder Hybrid supercar made ​​with carbon fiber-reinforced plastic monocoque and features a plug-in-hybrid drivetrain consisting of more than a gasoline engine 4.0-liter V8, which produces more than 500 bhp, plus two electric motors, each on the chassis front and rear, which produces 218 bhp power. V8 petrol engines send power back through the transmission keroda seven-speed dual clutch.

The electric motor is powered lithium-ion battery is liquid-cooled which can be filled with a standard home socket, which is able to cover a distance of 25 km only with electrical energy. Porsche states charging time depends on the network of a country, with an estimated three hours in Germany, but the choice of fast charging (quick charging) is being planned in order to further reduce the duration of charging.