Tata Nano Could Also Invited Touring

87Although status as the world’s cheapest car, Tata Nano does not seem to want to be considered as normal car, for it was made long touring. The result created a world record by car cheapest price is only $ 12.000 .

Guinness world record was obtained Tata Nano after long touring around India alone.

Touring was done by Srikarunya Subrahmanyam, an automotive enthusiast from Bangalore.

Touring is a distance of 10 218 km that passed within 10 days of the end of March. Touring the world record 8046.74 miles that existed previously.

Besides Subrahmanyam, Tata Motors also thanked the 63-year-old grandfather named Thomas Chacko.

The grandfather last year boldly epic journey as far as 26,500 km across India using the Tata Nano. It took 78 days for Chacko to complete the dream trip.