The inauguration of the new factory Daihatsu

3201_p1_s_2The inauguration of the new factory Daihatsu, Karawang Assembly Plant (KAP) a proof of seriousness the Japanese automotive company to develop its business in Indonesia.

“The design of the new plant is adapted to the conditions Daihatsu Indonesia and become an ideal car factory as one of the Indonesian national pride national asset,” said Sudirman MR, President Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) after the inauguration.

The factory is also equipped R & D Center Daihatsu Daihatsu is a commitment to advancing the automotive industry of the country, as well as the production base set up ADM and Daihatsu product base outside of Japan.

One proof of the sophistication of the 5th Daihatsu factory in Indonesia this is the presence of more than 90 robots in the new plant.

“One of the main differences between the Daihatsu plant in Sunter factory in Kawarang this is the presence of more than 90 robots to support vehicle design performance. While at Daihatsu plant in Sunter, robot number less than 40,” said Mochamad Amin, Head of Logistic Department KAP, in between – between the new factory visit to the Journalists.

With the help of a robot – the robot assembly, Daihatsu’s new plant capable of making the vehicle body structure 16 pieces per minute, and about 1.65 minutes to make the car as a whole.

Originally the new plant with a production capacity of 120 thousand per year will also be used as a center for the production of Toyota and Daihatsu Agya Ayla.

“The target for production at the plant will Ayla reached three thousand units per month,” said Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of PT ADM.