This car Ready Mix Indonesian name!

imagesOne of the outstanding issues regarding the program inexpensive and environmentally friendly cars (LCGC) which has been signed by the president is an obligation to use the name of Indonesia in its products. In response to this, Takayuki Kimura, President Director of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) claim, it is not a problem.

“Most importantly, I need to know the regulations. If you must use the name of Indonesia, but we will follow the Datsun name remains. Example, Datsun anything like that,” said Kimura .

Described, Datsun’ve got an exclusive value because it is only present in three countries, namely Indonesia, Russia and India. Datsun Indonesia will target consumers with an average income of $ 100 per month with a target price of under $ 10,000.

“The Datsun cars produced here and the people of Indonesia. Extremely high level of local content because the machine is also made ​​here as well,” revealed Kimura.