This Electric Motors Resistant Running Over 84.5 Hours

listrikDoubts in automotive circles today is how resistance and a cruising range of electric vehicles. Many are afraid that when you’re driving on the road extravagant battery. However, the electric motor is denied everything. This bike managed to cross the American continent.

It was done by a motorcycle MotoElectra who managed to make history after crossing the United States from Florida to California within 3.5 days or 84.5 hours to be exact.

Remarkably, it is done only with a capital of electric power without any trouble. We can do it faster, but we want a safe condition, said team manager Brian Richardson.

Richardson believes that he and his team returned to touring, so their motor cruising distance before having to be charged again will be far away with increasing speed.

For touring coast to coast, the MotoElectra team was assisted by students from James Madison University who informed the latest conditions including wind speed and direction, the remaining power, the temperature until the motor position and speed.

Electric motors are mostly used MotoElectra technology to compete in the TTXGP event in 2010 and 2011 it only takes 1 hour to recharge. Because these motors have to charge it every 100-120 miles round trip, but Richardson actually believe that the electric motor can keep running at least until 150 miles.
Electric Motors Need 20 More Years

Even so, Richardson admitted that the chances it took another 20 years before the technology can compete parallel power with fellow gasoline powered.

But now, in a world which is fast-paced technological change, who knows? he says.

As for today in the west there are the brands that focus on the development of electric motors. MotoElectra In addition, there is Lightning, Zero, Brammo, MotoCzysz, Mugen and more.