This He Being Satria FU Newest

suzukiinSuzuki will release its flagship Suzuki Satria motorcycle for consumers in Indonesia on Friday (28/06/2013). Prior to launch to the public, I managed to see the latest manifestation of Satria FU.

When I to the Suzuki booth at the Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) Tuesday night and wonder to the presence of Satria FU Sales for Direct Sales turned out one of the shows photos from the latest FU.

“If that is here (booth) is not to be launched later mas, if I just have a picture here,” Sales said Suzuki.

When I was shown the picture, it appears there was a difference in the head. Head of the new Satria FU is more pointed than the previous generation.

“The head is more pointed, which now bears his name Satria FU 150 SCD2 facelift and is available in 5 color options, he said.

When asked to answer the sales machine that is still using the latest FU carburetor system and not using injection.

Still the same carburetor mas rich first. Injection Then why have not I also do not know for sure. Anyway stripingnya new, new head, he concluded.