This He Looks Cheap Car Datsun Official

datsunDo not want to linger longer, Nissan released the latest images line up cheap car that will be marketed through the Datsun brand.

For the first time, this car will be sold first in India and slid in on 15 July 2013.

Before sliding, the official website released the latest photos of the Datsun Datsun marketed for Indian consumers, as well as the first generation of the latest series of Datsun models to be launched in 2014.

Datsun will introduce a number of products and services are competitive, modern and aspirational. In addition, the Datsun also gave evidence and more value through a car specifically developed for the new generation of ambitious medium, in a rapidly growing market. Series of Datsun models will be developed and produced locally with the support of a team of technicians and machine styling Nissan Motor Company.

If you look at the photos released Datsun, this car has a hatchback type with compact size, and almost similar to the Nissan March.