This is her First Electric Police Cars

leafinA car brand so fleet of taxis? It was still amazing, but to be a police car was a bit unusual, because of course the car should have a spec that can ‘catch’ criminals.

Color of Nissan LEAF, is now growing again. After having frills color ‘green’ being environmentally friendly, LEAF now has a blue and white as a police car Portugal.

And history was recorded as a LEAF is the first electric car into a police car.

According to Nissan, there are 8 cars LEAF which will be operated by the Policia de Seguran├ža Publica (PSP). PSP will be served in urban areas.

“We are proud to be the first police car in the world that uses electricity as part of a 5,000 unit fleet of police cars,” said National Director of PSP Superintendent Paul Gomes Valente.

Portugal is one of the pioneers in the electric car in Europe. Portugal was the first country to build a network of charging the battery in a few large cities. And is the first country to sell the Nissan LEAF in 2011.