This year, Proton dealer Reaches 40

dilerprotonAfter sales network is the most important element for automotive manufacturers. After sales network is a supporting factor will be whether or not a product sold in a country.

Its importance was also recognized by the Malaysian manufacturer Proton in Indonesia. This is the main reason for Proton to expand their after sales network in Indonesia.

This year we will add another dealership in Indonesia 7. 3 dealers for the 3S (sales, spare parts, service) and 4 dealers to 2S (Sales, Service), said Acting Head of PT Proton Edar Indonesia, Mohd Asri Khayan.

Proton currently has 33 dealerships which consists of three types of dealers 3S, 2S and 1S. With the addition of 7 dealership was then Proton will have 40 dealerships across Indonesia.

For us it’s 1 3S dealership dealership located outside Java is located in Palembang, once we have it in the area of ​​Batam, Medan, Padang, Pekanbaru. And for a 3S dealership (Sales, Spare parts, service) and 2S (Sales, Service) others are on the island of Java, he said.

Furthermore Asri said, reproduce dealership in Palembang is not without reason. We are targeting to Sumatra, Because it was our second market in Sumatra after the island of Java, he said.

And to our dealership development in collaboration with partners. All expenses paid them 100 percent. Dealers and to fund the construction of it depends on the dealership wide, at least USD 2 billion to USD 5 billion, he added.