Tips on How to Modify an Old Motorcycle

BMW R25Have an old motorcycle is pride in itself for some people. Especially if the old bike is modified in such a way as to not lose the bike today. Modifying an old motorcycle is not as easy to modify the motor now, because spareparts is not easily obtained. Need foresight and prudence in the process.

Indeed, modifying the old bike was tricky. However, there are some tips that you can try in order to produce the maximum modif, namely:

1. Choose between rebuilds as the original or modified total (custom). rebuild as the original require longer time due to the limited availability of spare parts (hard to find).
2. If you choose custom, vintage style is strongly recommended that keep the classic aura radiated.
3. Do not change the concept of the old motor, such as Honda CB100 dimodif streetfighter. The result would be weird.
4. Adjust the dimensions of the machine body so that it looks “full” when seen.
5. Enter the modern elements such as wearing two-color paint, use LED lights, etc.