Toyota FJ Cruiser Recalls 11,489 Units

3272_p1_s_2Toyota Americans back should do a recall or withdrawal on one of their products. After the previous recall millions of models due to errors on the gas pedal and the air bag inflator, now there are problems on the lights.

Recalled cars FJ Cruiser is a production of 2007 to 2013 with a total of 11 489 units. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the retro SUV failed to comply with regulations regarding the number 108 lamps, reflective devices, and similar equipment.

But this recall only applies to the FJ Cruiser is equipped with Toyota Auxiliary Driving Lamp Kits are placed on the front bumper. The accessories lamp has a light output power of 55-watts. And according to the NHTSA, if the headlights and auxiliary lights are turned on, resulting in two lamp light output exceeds the applicable regulations. Because the light is too bright, can dazzle oncoming drivers and increases the likelihood of accidents.

Therefore, the Toyota will replace the smaller lights, the 35-watt. Approximately Toyota FJ Cruiser in Indonesia are also affected by this recall.