TVS scooter Dazz Can Charge HP

Indian motorcycle manufacturer, TVS began showing off its latest scooter at Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ). Sale price is $ 10,000 on the road in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

casInterestingly, in addition to design this cute scooter users also can charge handphone battery (HP).

There are plugs for HP charge under the handlebar or rather on the left next to the ignition key.

It’s great mas, no plugs for HPcharge. Liat ya plug, so he could drive while charge HP, HP just plug directly charge, said Sales TVS Mukhlis.

When looked, the same shape as the plug that plugs in the car, its rounded shape and just simply buy charger only.

Many are curious with this charger, among 15 people who bought them were interested because there is nowhere charge cellphone, he said with a smile.