Unique! In Jayapura, the Honda CBR250R for Selling Vegetables

cbrTwo-wheeled vehicle into a business opportunity to make money. Various attempts to use two-wheelers can be done is getting to be a motorcycle, artisan to artisan slurry bubble. Indeed motors business opportunities of any kind.

Well, recently created another motor business. This time more unique, the Honda CBR250R sport bike to sell vegetables. This incident happened Jayapura. Photo submissions describing Welfe Woyow if it can be multifunctional motor sport.

“It was genuine and occurred in Jayapura,” said Welfew.

According Welfew Honda CBR250 motorcycle event to be a place for this very unique vegetables. Therefore, he was immediately capture the unique bike. Jaypura original man was also said that if the vegetable selling Honda CBR250 only one in Jayapura.

He explained that the vegetable vendors often crossed in front of his house. And he thinks the motor is not modified by the merchant, rather original factory output.

“It’s the most weird, that’s why I photograph. Still selling The person, per day to my place and muter-muter in my place,” he said.

What is the price of Honda CBR250 in Jayapura? Welfew said the greengrocer have to disburse $ 2,500. “In Jayapura, CBR250 price of $ 2,500,” he concluded.