Users Think About It The Car When BBM Up

144328_spbu2In a few days, the government will soon raise the price of fuel oil (BBM) subsidy. and how the impact on the user’s car with the fuel price hike?

One car users, Ronny Martin said if fuel prices rise later he thought to replace his car into a car that has a smaller engine capacity.

“If I still kepikirannya to replace the smaller cc ​​cars. Was very influential in my opinion. Now I wear the heck Yaris, want replace cars 1,000 cc or 1,200,” said Ronny.

If not replace the car with a smaller cc ​​Ronny kepikiran further to find fuel saving devices.

“Yes equate with minimal cost that can now or plain ordinary spending now,” he added.

It also expressed by Teddy who says that rising fuel intention to look for cars with a smaller cc ​​of which he was wearing.

“If the issue of rising fuel can ride alone does nothing. Least my intention to find a small cc car selling price and the value of the return is not too fall,” he concluded.