V-Kool Window Film Do Promotion Through Participation

60_p1_s_1As performed by the manufacturer V-Kool window film, these days, is eager to ‘promo’ to participate or hold events in order to provide education about the various types of products to a wide audience.

Besides the technological transformation that brought the V-Kool window film industry has brought on a new momentum. Many label window film on the market, pushing the V-Kool PT Indo Lestari holders V-Kool brand in Indonesia to get closer to the car owner.

One of the activities that have been carried out in addition to Auto Fair attendance in 2013, The Best Car 2013, too, participated in an activity titled 2013 Mercedes Benz Rally Batavia ago. The event was initiated by PT Mercedes Benz Indonesia (MBI) with Mercedes Benz Club Indonesia (MBCI) is able to collect as many as 250 users car bearing the trident, from the old to the latest generation.

With the theme of “Reducing the Impact of Global Warming with Environment Conscious Cleanliness and greenery”, the group of participants around the various historical district in Jakarta. Events such as Mercedes-Benz Rally Batavia last year, before the departure of participants are given a guidebook or travel routes, where participants had to pass through one by one route that has been prepared by the committee.

And, V-KOOL participated in this event as part of a campaign Envirocare where participants will be distributed tree seedlings to be planted as reforestation efforts, as well as the preservation of the historical center of Jakarta (Old Town).