Want Production VW Beach Car?

vw_buggyinVolkswagen car manufacturer is rumored to be soon producing VW Up Buggy. The news broke when the German manufacturer is caught amid filed a patent for the design of this all-terrain vehicle.

Previously, VW Buggy Up is still a concept car after it was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.

Application design made by VW Design Chief Klaus Bischoff and Peter Wouda and Thorben Kochs of VW design studio in Berlin was first filed his patent since March 2012.

In the month of June, the patent has been approved for 14 years.

VW Up Buggy own design is the design of a car popular beach in the early 1960s on the west coast of America. The original idea was developed by Bruce Meyers who combine expertise in fiberglass construction with floorpan, suspension and engine Beetle.

Previously, VW Buggy was built by a local company though America has become an important part of the attraction VW in Uncle Sam’s country.

Therefore, VW wants to win the hearts of their customers there. Because the first VW plant in the U.S., based in Pennsylvania was closed in 1988 after a design featuring a mismatch on Golf and Jetta for the U.S. market.

VW sources have admitted that they want to put the VW Up Buggy into the production line, but still continue to conduct market research related to the sale of this car.