Well, There Can Bacteria Produce Gasoline

download (1)Scientists from the University of Exeter in the UK have discovered bacteria that can produce gasoline. The type of bacteria is Escherichia coli (E. coli).

The scientists claim the substances secreted from the bacteria that can be used as an alternative fuel fossil fuels the earth.

This new discovery is quite long even time consuming for years. The scientists have genetically engineered bacteria and examined by feeding the bacteria E. coli with glucose from the plant.

Later the bacteria will remove dirt where the final result of the conversion process natural bacteria in the body. Well, the dirt of bacteria that is recognized to be burned, and the recognized equivalent of gasoline.

Remarkably substances produced by bacteria E. coli was said to be quite perfect. Gasoline from bacteria dirt that burned down in the engine combustion chamber so as not to leave the crust. Smooth the engine combustion chamber.

At that time, the challenges experienced by John and his team namely how to create these substances on a large scale. To do so, the team had to change the food bacteria by feeding on cheaper resources, to reduce the impact and by the abundance of dirt (petrol) of the bacteria.

Fears will happen if the bacteria have an impact on the environment, although developed specifically for the manufacture of gasoline.