While registration is Being Original

stnkCommencing from the month of April 2013, the police issued a temporary registration. This provision applies maximum of 6 months since the launch. What kind of temporary vehicle registration?

Usually when we pay an annual tax / registration, there are two pieces of paper, which is a vehicle registration and Regional Tax Assessment Letter PKB / BBN-KB and SWDKLLJ.

Well for a temporary vehicle registration, which is only attached on education new new (Regional Tax Assessment Letter), and behind there is a cap on education is only following police official registration date of manufacture.

To note, the police only issued a temporary registration for vehicle owners who extend the 5-year motor vehicle tax, while the owner of the vehicle that extends the motor vehicle tax still got 1 year on education plus new vehicle registration.

“If the 5-year tax renew license plates can be, but if the following vehicle registration.’s Valid for 6 months,” said Tangerang SAMSAT Information Center.

As reported earlier, the police were forced to issue a temporary vehicle registration and registration materials as paper empty reg.

Then Corps (Korlantas) Police explain related problems because there is a problem.

“This is solely due to the first caution, so we knew with that in the event there is a problem. Therefore Korlantas should do a more thorough calculation on the basis of prudence and a higher accuracy with a competent consultant,” said Head of Registration and Identification (Regiden) Korlantas Police, Senior Commissioner Budi Sam Gustian some time ago.