Wow! Road 8 Hours Without Oil, Cars and Motor Break Records MURI

lupromax-inOil additives brand ambition of Magna International, Lupromax for MURI record and world record for running cars and motorcycles without lubrication finally been proven after they managed to run the vehicle for 8 hours without oil.

A car and motorcycle engine oils that have emptied the area slid in BSD City, Tangerang, for more than eight hours so far more than 200 miles and broke MURI and the existing world record, which is three hours twelve minutes as far as 81.9 km.

“I hereby declare that Lupromax has legally become the new record holder and world record MURI, car and motorcycle run without lubricant for eight hours five minutes as far as 283 km for cars and eight hours ten minutes as far as 242.8 km for motorcycles,” said Ngadri as representatives of the MURI.

Meanwhile, Magna CEO of PT Indonesia Ruby Widjaja who became an authorized distributor of Magna International Canada said he was very pleased with these results.

“It is our primary goal of this MURI record to educate the public that the use of quality lubricants and additives can improve the durability and performance of the motor vehicle engine even in extreme conditions though,” he said.

Housed in Kamikaze café, BSD Square, both the oil vehicle without doing MURI record-breaking start at 10.00 am which was witnessed by the MURI.

14:00 pm The second vehicle was declared successful MURI record and previous world record.

However, Lupromax not stop there, cars and motorcycles without lubrication keep going for up to eight hours five minutes as far as 283 km for cars and eight hours ten minutes as far as 242.8 km for motorcycles. At the time of this MURI record-breaking declared ended, the condition of the vehicle engine remains in light conditions and normal functioning.

Preparation process that the vehicle used in the MURI record-breaking start to prepare a Toyota Avanza and Honda Revo motorcycle.

After the engine is still filled oil poured Lupromax – EA 150ml size into a car engine and Lupromax – EA 30ml size into a motorcycle engine.

Both vehicles are implemented in advance as far as ± 500m which aims to Lupromax – EA and lubricants from vehicles well mixed.

Then cars and motorbikes are issued until they run up the engine oil does not drip at all of the machines. Once the machine is empty of oil, cars and motorcycles began to run around the neighborhood streets BSD City, Tangerang.

By the time the two pieces of vehicles crossing the start line, the MURI through counter starts counting the time owned by them.

“With a speed of 20-30 km / h even motor vehicle can run up to eight hours and cover hundreds of miles like we did today,” added Ruby.

MURI record-breaking charter surrender ‘Car and Motorcycle Run Without Oil’ itself was staged to coincide with the event where Indonesian Series of Motorsport Racing Team Lupromax down in the National Super Touring Car Championship.