Xpower Fuel saver

imaX-POWER is a cutting-edge tech tools that improve the quality of the working principle of fuel / CNG / LPG by using the “Active Wave Ultra Magnetics (VORTEX)” resulting from the composition of several components of permanent magnets, which can alter the fuel and gas fuel molecules into positively charged ions that can Oxygeen absorb negatively charged in the balance for complete combustion, thus increasing engine performance with the achievement of maximum torque at low rpm and reduce exhaust pollution. Complete combustion as the effect of improving the quality of the fuel / BBG will result in a greater power, so the effect on the level of productivity machine. For industrial machinery average increase in production could reach 13% – 35% with the resulting fuel efficiency between 10% – 25% (including machines for Marine, Heavy Duty, etc..). As for the machines Outomotive / LPG fuel savings ranging from 25% -50%.

How it Works X-power

BBM generally circulating in Indonesia is still far from the standards of the International because it still contains a lot of additional metal elements that disrupt the smooth process of combustion. This additional metallic elements clustered and difficult to burn and eventually became deposits / crust in the engine combustion chamber fouled, and the effect on loss in performance and productivity machine, wasteful of fuel, the engine is not stable, power / acceleration is reduced .

Original formula elements / components all existing fuel are:

CNHN + additional metal-2 (S, P, Za, Pb, Mn, Fe)

After using Xpower, the composition of the fuel breaks down into the arrangement:

CnHnO2, SO2, ZaO2, PbO2, MnO2, FeO2

Xpower function here is as ionizer, which process the additional metal element was thus no longer gather in the shape of the molecule, but it has to be decomposed in the process of ionization ions smaller each ion can bind oxygen for the combustion process, thus helping the combustion process perfect in the engine combustion chamber. Complete combustion with fuel konsumesi / BBG will result in lower energy / power which is much larger, the effect on acceleration engine, so the engine combustion chamber cleaner, more efficient fuel consumption, noise and vibration smoother engine, exhaust emissions / pollution reduced, the temperature is more stable brackish and engine life will certainly be longer.


– Reduce emissions and save fuel / CNG average of 25% – 50% for machinery outomotive / LPG, and 10% – 25% for Industrial Machinery, Marine Machinery, Heavy Duty etc..
– Improve productivity of production on average 13% – 35% for industrial machinery
-Improve the composition of the fuel / gas fuel for complete combustion
-Increase the acceleration and engine performance
-Vibration and sound engine smoother, more stable engine temperature
-Vehicles become more powerful, lighter Gas Pull.
-Clean the engine fuel and maintenance cost savings
-No side effects that interfere with the machine
-Easy installation and maintenance means
-The lifetime (Life Time) for 7 years for 24 hours non-stop usage (64,000 hours) or 15 years if rata2 use 12jam/hari
-Warranty for 1 year