Yamaha is better than Honda ….?

indexHonda competition with Yamaha in MotoGP 2012 season will certainly add fierce. After going through two pre-season testing, Yamaha claimed to be better than the Honda.

Statements about the position of the Yamaha is now in the Honda does not come from just anyone. Who expressed this was Executive Vice President of HRC (Honda Racing Corporation), Shuhei Nakamoto.

(Yamaha) is very, very fast!‘s A big deal for us. Whether they are in the same level with Honda? There, even better yet, said Nakamoto in Crash.

In the two free practice sessions that have been held, Honda actually look good with successfully placing riders in the top position. But the progress obtained by Yamaha 1000cc engine increased its deemed extraordinary.

Historically Yamaha have a machine with a good control and it happened again this time!. Situation is now the same. Overall the Yamaha has a better package.

If possible, I would like to buy a Yamaha chassis. Machine we are not too fast, but our drivers quickly,” he finished jokingly.

Like playing football when I’m winning, by any kind so correctly.

I think at this time in both races, as well as in the village market today verge of defeat at Honda Yamaha again.
In the local market Yamaha MIO had debuted in the market the other day, after it skid BEAT, Vario, etc., and finished off by Scupy. while Yamaha still cool dg MIOnya, there Seul and MIO else.