Young Man Driving Wrong Victims Habits

macet2Among teenagers is an accident-prone when driving. One reason is the bad driving habits.

Many young people today who are victims of accidents caused by the wrong attitudes and habits while driving. We want to educate them so that they could provide future drive better example for the next generation,” said PR Manager of General Motors Indonesia Adhitya Zainuddin.

He said security is a top priority above all else, and this is true for anyone who will use Chevrolet products without exception, continued Adhitya.

For that PT. General Motors Indonesia (GMI) as the holder of the Chevrolet brand in Indonesia held a Safe Driving for young people at the Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya and Universitas Brawijaya (Unibraw) Malang on June 26, 2013.

The event was organized on the basis of GM Indonesia‘s commitment to provide education to the younger generation as well as concerns about the high number of traffic accidents.

Chevrolet invites Moreno Soeprapto, Indonesian national car racer who is currently affiliated with Sentul Driving Course, to help provide tips on safe driving for students.

As a rider I still drive safely on the highway. With the slogan of security‘ drive started from their own personal safety , expect road users to improve the quality of their driving and could reduce the number of accidents,” said Moreno.

In a series of visits of PT General Motors Indonesia to Surabaya and Malang, Chevrolet also held a Media Test Drive Chevrolet Spin. Spin is a compact MPV vehicle types first offered General Motors Indonesia and manufactured at a GM plant in Pondok Ungu Bekasi.